Best VPN Services 2019

VPN also was known as Virtual Private Network is like Swiss army knives. They help the user by protecting their privacy, anonymous file sharing, and censorship avoidance. However, all VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are not made equally. Some are obviously better than the rest. Usually, buying a paid version is much better than using the free trial. Now let us look into the ins and outs of choosing the perfect VPN.

Before, getting into the details of the services provided by VPN or Virtual Private Network we must have a brief idea of what VPN is and why people all around the world use them. Choosing the right VPN for yourself is very important. Usually one needs to choose the VPN which best serves their needs. There is no sense in paying for extra features which you may not even require.

What is Virtual Private Networking? Why DO People Use It?

With the help of a VPN, the user may create a virtualized network in between two separate networks which do help in maintaining privacy. Usually big corporate houses including government level organizations use good VPN to protect their information or data. Now let us look at a VPN comes in handy for a person. Let us take for example an IBM employee can work from home living in suburbs of Chicago with the use of VPN. This can be done by accessing the company intranet which is located in a building in the city of New York.

By using the VPN, it will show as if the employee was there in the New York office network although he was in Chicago. Another use of this technology can be done by consumers who could bridge laptops and phones with their home networks. This is mainly done so that they can access files securely from the home computer. VPN has been known to have other uses as well.

With the help of the VPN, your connections are encrypted which prevents others from looking or seeing your data. This means that VPNs help in securing data, mostly on Wi-Fi networks that are public. Public networks including places like airports, coffee shops. This is mainly done to ensure that no one can steal your credit card numbers or other passwords.

Accessing Your VPN Needs

Another important thing to discuss is which VPN is best suited for you. This completely depends on the customer’s needs and preferences. Take, for example, a customer who would only want to secure access to their home networks would not need a VPN service provider. This means that they do not have to invest any money on a VPN service provider.

A remote VPN service can provide secure access to any remote networks. Thus, to access a home network all you need is a VPN server which is running on your home router or any attached device. Like for example, Raspberry Pie. Ideally for home networks, one should run their VPN servers at the router level to get maximum security and also less power consumption.

Top 10 Best VPNs

Speaking of VPNs, here is the list of top ten VPNs that you can go for. Choose a VPN service that right for you, enjoy the best security and anonymity.

Nord VPN:

Network security should be your main priority because you should know that you are being watched online all the time. Starting from ad agencies to government installations, all of them continue to monitor your every move online. Therefore, you should consider using a VPN. One such example of VPN which should be used is Nord VPN.

This VPN provides services at a much cheaper cost compared to other VPNs which has similar features but may charge triple the fee. This particular software is downloadable on any major operating system. This may include systems like Windows, Linux, and OS X along with other mobile systems like the iOS and Android.

This particular VPN can be run on your laptops, tablets, desktops and even smartphones. A person using this VPN can also download this particular software on to their network routers. This ensures that all the devices that are connected to the router can share the same protection.

With the help of the Nord VPN, the user can connect up to six devices all at once. But because the network router counts as one device a person may be able to connect more significantly if, they are at home. VPN:

Another very popular VPN which is used all over the world is the VPN. One of the main drawbacks of living in this digital era is the fact that you can be hacked or even spied on. Having the right knowledge can allow a person to find out the location of another person. Your internet history may also be exposed with the help of the right technology.

The risks become much higher while using public Wi-Fi. Thus, to prevent all such mishappenings a person should go for a VPN. One such VPN which helps in providing security is the Some of the features of this VPN are:

This particular VPN has around 200 servers in over 40 countries which include different continents like Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa and America. The servers are meant to support open VPN, PPTP and also L2TP/IP-sec on major operating systems whether it be the mobile or desktop.

Private Internet Access VPN:

Another widely recognized VPN in today’s world is the Private Internet Access. Because more of our private lives and also financials are being broadcasted between web services and personal computers via the internet, the requirement for secure communication has become of utmost importance.

This particular VPN- Private Internet Access has been known to provide such secure connection. This particular VPN has based their platform on an open source VPN, open VPN protocol. To build a proper system on above this protocol is a perfectly good step taken towards providing a stronger solution.


Another important VPN available in the market is the VyprVPN. This particular VPN had its origin in Switzerland and was founded in the year 1994. This particular VPN has been a part of the golden frog internet consortium. The company has been known to provide a certain platform which features great apps speeds and also hi-levels of customer support.

This particular VPN’s security comes from the way its platform performs. The company has been known to operate and run all the systems which include both the hardware and the software. This particular form provides the user with fast speeds.

The premium and pro accounts have been known to feature chameleon, open VPN and also 256-bit protocols which are basically on the Ip-sec/L2TP. This particular VPN comes in three packages. There is also an extra package for business users. The basic package that is available for the said VPN doesn’t have the necessary security as it doesn’t provide for firewall and offers the only PPTP.

The premium and the pro versions are much better. The account dealing with the premium version is known to provide its users with three simultaneous connections. Usually, the standard connection being two.


Another important VPN which is available in the market is the PureVPN. This particular company has been considered to be one of the leading providers of VPN today. The service which is provided is of quality, and the customer support is also huge which has basically helped them in getting a lot of positive reviews.

When a user uses this service, their data are rooted in one of the 450 servers which are located in around 101 countries. This allows its users to surf the internet and also use any of the online applications without the need to reveal your real IP address.

This particular service can be used to sidestep internet censorships and helps in accessing contents that normally gets blocked due to the geographical restrictions that are there. PureVPN has been known to have such apps and software which allows easier use of the VPN services for platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

A person can connect to their services manually as well on a blackberry, Linux PC, HP Web Os, Boxee Box or DD-WRT router. Any device which can connect to the net and also has the option to use any VPN in the operating system can work with the help of these services.

Express VPN:

Another VPN service in the market is the Express VPN. The Express VPN service is aimed at being easy light-weight and well expressed. This particular VPN service provides with the variety of different subscription option and also consists of amazing features. This particular VPN has been known to provide its users with a secured connection consisting of 256-bit encryptions and also the standard open VPN.

Usually, all modern VPNs do provide this particular service, but the Express VPN takes it one step further. Express VPN does up the ante by accepting bitcoins and also crypto-currencies. Other traditional modes of payment include PayPal.

Anonymity is a very vital factor for those who do not want to be tracked, and the express VPN helps such users to get there. This particular VPN has also been known to have the no-log policy, and they are also known to allow torrents.

Protocols including Ip-sec/open VPN/PPTP are all offered. This particular service has its origins in the US which is why they are governed by the US laws. The service providers thus have to make sure to follow any US-based requests relating to any information.

Private SecretsLine VPN:

Another great VPN available in the market is the Private SecretsLine VPN; it is considered as one of the finest VPNs in the market. This particular VPN has been known to have servers in around 27 different countries, locations including France, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Finland, etc. this particular VPN is considered extremely secure. The Private SecretsLine VPN has been known to use the PPTP protocol and also well-tested open VPN software which helps in maintains anonymity. The company has been known to pit anonymity as their topmost priority.

IPVanish VPN:

Another best VPN in the market is the IPVanish VPN. This particular company is one of the longest running companies when talking about VPNs. Although this particular VPN is not one of the cheapest available in the market, the company has still been able to add more features to match the price. It provides more security than its competitors. This particular VPN has been known to come with the zero log policy which means that a person looking for you online will have the hardest time finding any information about you.

IronSocket VPN:

One more amazing VPN in the market is the IronSocket VPN. Usually quality level VPNs do provide anonymity to its users. However, there are few VPN services which take that extra step by not logging into your usage. IronSocket VPN is considered one of those VPNs in the market. This means that there are no logs which will be available of the sites which you visit. Another vital use of this particular VPN is that the websites that the user visits would not have any information about their real location.

HideMyAss VPN:

Another Great VPN choice for the users is HideMyAss VPN. This particular VPN has been considered as one of the most popular VPNs in the market. This VPN uses different kinds of servers to make it easy for users to use a VPN. One of the best features of thus VPN is the fact that it has supported protocols. Most of the VPN that exist in the market use open VPN and PPTP protocols. Although these protocols are good for anonymity, they can be easily blocked as well. HideMyAss uses L2TP protocol which is much more difficult to block.

Now that you know so much about VPNs make sure that you get a good one for your security.