Best Python Courses 2019

Python language is the new buzzword in the industry at present. Python is being used in all areas of Information technology applications due to the best features it holds. Many industries are demanding Python skills and the technology enthusiast find Python to be the best for all of their needs. One feels confused about where they would be able to find Python courses as not many books provide the exact content they are looking for. Therefore, this particular piece of material provides the top preferred courses for learning Python. These Courses are tailor-made to fit the expectations of the candidate and current industry demands.

List of Best Python Courses

People can find that all of these courses are of unique content and serves each one’s purpose uniquely. The same Python languages that are used extensively and variable for different applications are discussed in these courses. One could find the courses to be extremely helpful, be it professionals or be it, students. These are the handpicked list of 6 Courses picked from one of the largest Massive Open Online Courses, Udemy.

Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3
The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications
Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization
Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp
The Complete Python 3 Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced!
Complete Python Masterclass

What is Python?

Python is a high-level programming language used for general purposes. It is an object-oriented language. The highly sophisticated data structures make the language most sought after for app development. It is very dynamic. There are so many libraries present in Python that makes the long codes short. Python is a language free from a lot of complexities making it the most preferred language for those who are new to programming. Python is an open source language and can be used in all major types of platforms.

Why Should One Possess the Knowledge of Python?

Knowledge of Python lands a person in some of the high paying jobs. A python developer has the following roles to play.

Asset Management related software is developed
Software for the integration of different systems
To provide data storage, data security, and data protection
Write codes that can be reusable and testable using server-side logic.

A research analyst has the following roles to play

By analyzing consumer behavior, one can determine the trends in the industry
The sales data and the data derived from digital marketing is analyzed and worked upon to provide research-based analyses to boost up the sales.
Analyze the market conditions and check out for the conditions needed to be fulfilled for the project to attain success.

Most importantly, the role of a Data Scientist!

A Data Scientist is someone who builds the machine learning software and the main mind behind the decisions of the organization.

Apart from this, there are many exciting roles one could take up by possessing the knowledge of Python.

Course 1: Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3

One can master Python 3 only if he/she is already familiar with Python 2. This problem is present only if one wants to master the language. Otherwise one can straightly jump to Python 3. But, this course wants one to master, and that is why both the lectures of the languages Python 2 and Python 3 are included. This course should be preferred by those who want to grasp concepts in a very short span.

Salient Features of this course

24 hours of video content
18 articles that can be downloaded and 19 coding exercises

What can one gain out of this course?

One can learn the basics and the advanced concepts of the language.

Basic concepts like methods and functions in Python is learned
The startling feature of Python, being the Data Structures, is learned a lot in detail like the Numbers, Strings, Sets, Dictionaries, and Lists.
One could also learn of how to assess the objects in Python.
The advanced concepts like Collective Modules are learned.
Under Collective Modules, one learns the namedtuple, defaultdict, ordereddict, timeit, PDB, and counter.
The other advanced concepts like Timestamps are also learned. The influence of OOPS and classes is learned.
One can also learn on how to create a very rich user interactive interface by using Jupyter Notebook system.
The concepts under Python generators are also learned.
Using the Jupyter system, .py files are also created.
Understanding of concepts with complex nature like Decorators is learned.

Course 2: The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications

This Course is designed for those who are very eager to build applications using Python. Plus, those who are not very interested in listening to video lectures for a long time, this course is a blessing as it consists of many soft copies. This is one of the courses that are highly preferred by those who wish to have hands-on experience and not just the theoretical concepts of it. Another great feature of this course is that one need not have any prior knowledge of Python Coding.

Salient Features of the course:

23.5 hours of video lectures
65 articles that can be downloaded
Reading materials of 48 topics to supplement one’s preparation
20 Coding Exercises to help one learn the nuances of Coding
A course Completion certificate that is of high value
The materials can be downloaded anytime, and video lectures can be viewed any number of times.

What can one gain out of this course?

As mentioned earlier, one can learn how to build ten useful applications by taking up this course

Learning to build an interactive Dictionary using commands and codes that handle the error in case of any discrepancy in the user side.
Learning to create a WebMap using Python and folium
Learning how to build a website using Python and Flask
Learning how to build a Web app that Scraps the details about the properties of Real Estate.
Learning how to build a Web app that collects Data from the web using PostgreSQL and Flask
Learning how to build a Geocoder
To build an app that detects the motion of a Web Camera.
How to build a Website Blocker
How to build a database application for Desktop
An app that would display a financial graph

Course 3: Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization

This course would require one to possess some intermediate knowledge of Python Coding. This course must be preferred definitely by the newbies in the field of Data Analytics and wish to develop a career. Knowledge of some basic math is also appreciated. The best part of this course is it’s short duration. The video lectures are crisp and clear and up to a point. This course should be preferred by those who are always in a hurry and yet with a desire to learn.

Salient Features of the course

The video lectures can be watched both on TV and Computer
21 hours of Video content
Three articles that can be downloaded and lifetime access to the course items are provided

What are the topics covered in this course?

This course is short and covers the exact concepts that are needed for the analysis and visualization of data.

One can learn how to create Arrays using Numpy. Arrays are the best mode to provide input in the case of Python and knowledge of Python plays a very vital role here.
How Python works effectively in various file formats like HTML, MS EXCEL, and JSON.
The Jupyter Notebook Environment knowledge is obtained.
One can learn on how to use Panda to create and structure the data
Learning Data Visualization using Seaborn and Matplotlib
The process of manipulation of arrays using Numpy is learned.
The idea of maintaining a portfolio of data analysis is also learned.

Course 4: Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

Python occupies an integral place in Web Development. Some of the modern websites prefer Python over the other Web Development languages. Python is said to be more beneficial when compared with other programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, NET, etc., This particular course is to be preferred by the ones who are new to the programming field.

Some of the basic languages like HTML, CSS are also covered as a part of this course. All these languages put together makes one very eligible for the post of a Full Stack Web Developer. This is one of the many courses that help the candidates fulfill their dream of becoming a full stack developer.

There have been many who are working only in the frontend for long, and those who have been working in the backend for long, wishing to become a frontend developer, for those people, this course is a must pick as it combines the skills needed for a front end as well as a back-end developer.

Salient Features of the course

32 hours of video content
Five articles that can be downloaded
6 Reading materials that can be used as supplements

What will one gain out of this course?

Landing Pages are the main key to the rapid rise in sales of any organization. One can learn how to design landing pages that attract the users to make clicks.
One can learn to create a website that is fully functional on its own by the imbibing of various technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Django.
One can also learn to make HTTP requests
Apply for jobs having roles about full stack development

Course 5: The Complete Python 3 Course: Go from Beginner to Advance!

This course covers the basics of Python 3 up to the advanced concepts. One should prefer taking up this course only if he/she wants to learn exclusively about Python 3. This course is preferred by students who have already mastered some of the other programming languages, and they also wish to learn Python 3. This course covers all the main aspects in such a short duration of time.

Salient Features of the course

8 hours of video content
1 Reading material supplement

What one will gain out of this course?

Easy to tough concepts of Python 3 is grasped quick.
The OOPS concepts are learned well in this course
One can perform well in general productivity tasks

Course 6: Complete Python Masterclass

This is a power packed course that delivers content to the point. In all the other courses, there are concepts and tools dedicated exclusively to some technology. This course only speaks about the core concepts of Python. If one wishes to master in Python Coding and give more preference to the learning of Data Structures of Python, then this is the right option. By developing a strong base in this, one can learn the other concepts of Python easily.

Salient Features of the course

40 hours of video lectures
12 articles that can be downloaded
7 Reading materials as supplements

What will one gain out of this course?

How to program in Python is taught in a step-by-step manner
How to access the web using Python and a clear understanding of the Data Structures
In the step-by-step learning, every step is explained so that a student can understand have why he is performing that step.


Thus, one could have obtained a clearer idea of which course to choose from after reading this article. Every course has their importance and provides different content. Keeping one updated on the latest technologies is necessary. Udemy offers all these courses. These courses have a great value in the current market. The students who are appearing for campus interviews can take up this course and add these certifications to their resume.

This indicates that the student has a lot of knowledge in the latest technologies. The employees appearing for appraisal and wishing for a job shift can take up these courses and benefit a lot. Last but not the least, these course contents are of such high value, but they are offered at very fewer rates keeping in mind the welfare of the students and employees alike.