Best Password Managers 2019

Are you tired of managing all your passwords and usernames? Are you looking for the best password manager that can protect your credentials? Well, then my friend you have arrived at the right place because in this article we are going to discuss some of the best password managers that you can download for the security of your passwords.

In today’s time, protecting your online accounts is of utmost importance as you never know who is watching you online. In order to protect online accounts, most users put difficult passwords that are really hard to crack. But at the same times, these passwords are hard to remember as well. Things get all the more messy and hard when it’s about multiple accounts. After all, there are several apps and websites that you need to set passwords and even if, the passwords are not hard to crack, it is really impossible to remember all the passwords.

Other than apps and websites, there are other important things as well in which you need to set password such as your internet banking account, email etc. All these accounts are extremely crucial and therefore, it’s your responsibility to keep the credentials of such accounts safe. This is where the need for a good password manager comes in the picture. For people who have no idea what a password manager is, it is an application that stores all your credentials in encrypted form and provides it whenever needed. You see this is any day better than writing the passwords down and then misplacing them. Also, it may fall into wrong hands. In order to avoid all such problems, a password manager is used.

List of Top 9 Best Password Managers That You Need To Know About

There are several password managers available out there but in this list, we have included the best ones because obviously, you deserve the best. This list consists of application both free and paid but all of the listed applications are equally good. So no matter which one you choose for your use, you are sure to avail the same benefit. Now let’s check out the different password managers that are listed below and also learn about it in details.


LastPass is probably one of the best and the most popular password manager that is used for the Windows platform. However, it also provides you with cross-platform support and stores password on its cloud servers. This particular password manager comes loaded with features which prove to be extremely beneficial for the users. Features such as form filling, two-factor authentication, and automatic password capture are all included in the software. Other than all these useful features, LastPass is also capable of importing data from some other password managing software or another web browser that you use on your device in case you plan to switch. It is because of it’s satisfying service that it has managed to stay and establish it’s position in the market for over a decade now. You can also avail LastPass extensions for different web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari etc. For convenience, the users can also download the LastPass application form the Windows store and thus, access it without using a browser.


KeePass is yet another great password manager that is available for the Windows platform. However, the application is supported by even Linux and Mac OS. Also, there are other unofficial ports available since it’s open-source software which is available for free. Developed in the year 2004, KeePass has made quite a name in the market. It stores passwords and usernames of the user on his device in an encrypted file. The software supports export and import of credentials in the form of CSV, XML, and HTML files. This particular software falls short in features when compared to other password managers. However, it has all the common features such as two-factor authentication, form fill up etc. other than that it also has a built-in password generator tool.


When it comes to password managers, nothing beats Dashlane which guards all your credentials with the help of AES-256 bit encryption while storing them locally. This application comes with features that help you with filling forms and also provide automatic log-ins. Other than that it also has all the common features such as import/export of credentials, two-factor authentication and etc. The best thing about Dashlane is that it is capable of storing unlimited passwords but the only problem with it is that it is restricted to only one device. In order to remove the limitation of one device, you will have to go for the premium version which allows you to increase the device limit and also allows you cross-device synchronization. Other than this, the application also offers you with cloud backup. This application is available on all the famous platforms which include Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

Sticky Password:

Another great password manager that you can avail for free is the Sticky Password. This particular application is available for iOS, Mac OS, Windows and Android which basically means that it is compatible with all the popular platforms. Also, the software supports all the famous web browsers as well. Moving on to its features it has all the features that you may be looking for in a good password manager. To name a few, it has password management; form filling, auto-fill and it also supports biometrics such as fingerprints. Just like other leading password managers, Sticky Password also has its paid version which obviously provides you with more of its exciting features such as priority support, cloud backup, cross-device synchronization and a lot more.

Other than user’s credentials, it is also capable of storing user’s payment details which is obviously a plus point for the application. The best thing about this particular application that the makers brag about proudly is that Sticky Password can synchronize data over Wi-Fi locally when a user feels the need of avoiding the cloud server.


Roboform is one such password manager that has been blessed with great looks and a very clean interface. Just like the other password managers on the list even Roboform is a multi-platform application and thus, it is available for iOS, Windows, Android and Mac OS. It is indeed true that Roboform is one of the best password managers that you can get but apart from that it also one of the oldest that has survived the market. This particular application was launched in the year 1999 and since then it has established its name in the market. Roboform is available to users both in free and paid versions which obviously mean that the paid version has more to offer than the non-paid version.

From the free version, you can avail features such as automatically filling web forms, unlimited passwords, single-click logins for apps and websites etc. While the paid version provides you with benefits such as cloud synchronization. This particular application has the capability of automatically detecting the strength of your password and also allows you to share your credentials safely. Also, the user interface of the application is pretty good which will make you feel as if you are using an old version of windows. The software is also made to blend in with the overall background of the operating system.


On the sixth spot we have the TrueKey password manager which is yet another great application that is available for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS. This particular application also supports all the famous web browsers which include Firefox, Google Chrome, and Edge. TrueKey is perhaps the only password manager that has multiple sign-in methods such as fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, two-step verification, Windows Hello etc. When it comes to security, these multiple sign-in factors proves to be of great value. This application is mainly known for its simplicity and clean user interface.

Most of the password managers make use of the master password in order to protect your credentials but with TrueKey you can easily use one of your devices for authentication instead of the master password. The only drawback of this application is that it stores only up to 15 passwords in its free version. Leaving the drawback aside, the app also has a digital wallet and password generator in order to store your personal information. The app keeps all your credentials safe in encrypted form locally which can be synced across devices whenever needed.


Unlike other password managers, LogMeOnce provides you with a plenty of features even in its free version. The list of features provided by this particular application is really a long one. Two-factor authentication, cross-device sync, secure password sharing, biometrics support, password strength report, digital wallet, you can get all these features for free with this app. If you want you can even create a passwordless account with the help of this app. The unique feature that the app provides is the option of adding a beneficiary which means that if anything happens to you, the control of your account will be transferred to your beneficiary. This is perhaps the most useful feature that is provided by this app.

Symantec Norton Identity Safe:

Norton Identity safe is a pretty decent password manager that you can get for your use. The only difference between this app and the rest of the app in the list is that there is no paid version of Norton Identity safe is available. So there is no comparison between its paid and non-paid version. From the name itself, you can make out that this particular software is developed by Symantec which is a security company. This app is designed to store your passwords safely and also to provide you with one-click logins. The app comes with a feature known as Safe Web which alerts the user when there is any malicious web page in function.

The app also lets you fill web forms quickly and easily as compared to the other applications on the list. This free password manager has a password generator tool. However, the tool is available separately. One of the drawbacks of this app is that it is not updated regularly when compared to other leading password managers. Also, the app can import and export credentials from another password manager only in CSV file format which is considered to be yet another negative point about the app. In short, it can be concluded that it’s a decent password managing app leaving the negative points aside.

Enpass Password Manager:

On the last spot of our list, we have the Enpass Password Manager which yet another great free password manager that you can get. Just like the other password managers on our list even this app supports all the renowned platforms which include Linux, Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Android, and Chrome OS etc. The free version of this app makes the user happy with a plenty of features such as cloud backup, family support, password generator, fingerprint support, data import, web form auto-fill, AES-256 bit and a lot more.

By this, it clearly means that you don’t have to pay a single penny in order to avail all these features. As far as the other apps are concerned they all charge you for providing you with these advanced features but Enpass doesn’t. However, for Android users, there is a little bad news because it can only store up to 20 passwords on Android devices. Other than this small drawback, the app is just fine to use and is pretty good in its performance as well.

So these were the top 9 best password managers that you can download from the internet for your use. All of the above mentioned apps have their own share of pros and cons. The only advantage of using the free versions of these apps is that you can switch anytime you want in a case, you are not satisfied with the app.